Veteran Katy Residential Locksmith Tells The History of Abloy Locks

As an residential locksmith in Katy Texas for the last 3 decades have become fascinated with the locksmith industry; from the new locksmith tools that come out every year, professional clothing, to new locksmith technologies, I love locks!

Now, let me tell you the story about Abloy locks.

The year is 2017. The world’s largest lock manufacturer, ASSA ABLOY, is celebrating 110 years since the ALBOY lock, one of Finland’s most important inventions was invented. They share their history on how, like all major success stories, their road to the very top hasn’t been without bumps in anyway, but rather, has been very much an eventful one.

It all began in 1907 when a young precision mechanic, Emil Henriksson, was repairing a cash register. He noticed that the principle of rotating detainer discs inside a cylinder could also be applied to locks. The invention was patented in 1919 under the name Henriksson’s Patent Lock. To produce the locks industrially, Ab Lukko Oy (Abloy) was founded the same year.

In 1921, Henriksson decided to sell the rights to his invention with the patent production rights to ABLOY locks and the trademark also later transferred to Kone- ja Siltarakennus Oy. By 1935, due to the fact that ABLOY locks were extremely difficult to pick, the lock manufacturing company enjoyed huge local success.

The war years between 1935-1945 led to a depletion in workforce but due to its reliable and safe mechanism, business boomed again in the later 1900’s with Abloy winning numerous European awards and winning over many locksmiths while securing treasures including those at the British Museum. By 1978, the company made it’s first electronic lock and hasn’t looked back ever since in the development of electromechanical.

1994 was the key year in the companies history as ABLOY merged with its main Swedish competitor, ASSA to become ASSA ABLOY. This paved way for ASSA ABLOY to become the centre of excellence for electromechanical lock cases and cylinders based on rotating detainer disc cylinder technology, invented by the said Emil Henriksson near 90 years earlier.

Ever since it’s merging in 1994, Assa Abloy has made over 150 acquisitions with some of these including; Effeff Fritz Fuss in Germany, Lockwood in Australia, Besam – a Swedish automatic door solutions company, Baodean – manufacturer of high-security locks in China, Ditec – Italian door automation manufacturer, Mercor SA in Poland, to name a few.

From 1994 till present, the company has only moved from stride to stride, acquiring many major lock companies in the world as years go by. By 2015, they were worth over 10 billion US dollars in assets, with close to 46,000 employees, making Forbes list of the world’s most innovative companies in 2014, ranking 93rd in all. The current product categories of ABBS ABLOY includes; mechanical locks, electromechanical and electronic locks, padlocks, access control systems, mobile keys, automatic doors, doors closers, exit devices and panic exit devices, hotel locks, hotel energy management systems, safes, security doors, intelligent lockers, key management systems and more.

The key to the huge success of ABBS ABLOY is simply down to one word: “quality”. From the very inception, they made the very best locks, and have not ceased ever since to keep developing even more secure locks yearly.

And that folks, is why Abloy locks are my favorite kind of lock. From the strong materials, patented lock technologies, to their beautiful finish, Abloy locks are a favorite of mine.