Past Cure – Enjoy a whole new action thriller game on PC for free

Description: it looks like you are eager to try out some new fresh content related to action genre. So, why not give a try to Past Cure – Enjoy a whole new action thriller game on PC for free. This post will give you accurate information and answers related to this game.

Past Cure complete review for PC:

If you are done playing games based on 2D shooting which has lost the touch of reality then it is time you should move forward and try past cure. Yes, folks you heard me, this is a psychological thriller that is played in dreams and reality. It is a game that challenges players for a mind bending skill to come up to your horrors.

The game certainly looks, intense, brutal, and most importantly cinematic that people wanted to see for a long time. All you time you spent playing this one will worth it. Players who only love to play shooting games with simple abilities should this one quite interesting to begin with.

What is the concept behind Past Cure game?

The game’s main focus is to tell a story of a man who has been soldier for a long time and is struggling to get back his memory. He has hidden powers in mind where he controls, object, throws them, hide, it is more like telekinesis and hoping to uncover the truth from the hidden underworld. The concept of it is to players a true cinematic experience.

Is the story of Past Cure game any good to keep players engaged?

One of the biggest factor in this game is the story that has a lot to tell, a man have to control and manipulate other from his mind powers to find his family and find real truth about how he gets this amazing abilities in the first place.

How about control mechanics in Past Cure game?

The game controls are pretty solid and responsive when it comes to work with the mind. You have to use guns, open environments, hide, stealth kills, and so much more. Players will eventually learn it after spending few hours in the game.

Past Cure game features:

The features of this game has a lot to offer but you only have to adapt the main ones to get solid grip in the beginning here are some of them that might give you an idea including,

1) Story drive, cinematic gaming experience

2) Engage enemies with using guns, using fists in brutal combos

3) Unleash your mind powers to overcome the obstacles and utilize manipulation

4) Deadly horrifying world in night

5) Never before seen graphics with 3D realistic characters

Past Cure game system requirements to play on PC:

If you want to get your hands one of the best ocean of games zip then you should prepare your pc according to these system requirements such as,

Works with Windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit)

Hard Disk: 13 GB

File Size: 9 GB

CPU: Intel Core i5 with 2400 GHz