When the student complete his school education, the next target is to get admission in the college or the university. Some students prefer to go to the college while another wish to have admission in the university. Some courses are similar in both institutes but the universities offer avast variety of the courses.  As the student has to get the further education they search for the importance of the college and university education. Those who are confused about the importance of the institute must properly understand the education system and type of courses offered. In this way, he can easily decide that which institute he can prefer for his future career.

Importance of college education

  • Different colleges are present in the state that offer different courses. Some colleges offer just a diploma programs while other have proper four-year degree programs and are affiliated with the university.
  • The students who want to continue with their father and help them in business prefer some short course like accounting or business management to start the career as soon as possible.
  • Some people like to do short courses so they take admission in the colleges.
  • Although the colleges have their own importance because of avariety of the courses they offer to the students but the pupil who is more focused towards the high paid job prefer the university education.

Importance of university education

Universities are affiliated with thehigh education of commission and the students getting adegree from these institutes can get admission in other countries as well as can avail the job opportunity in different countries. The university not only offers four years basic graduation programs but also facilitate the higher education like postgraduation, adoctoratedegree, and Ph.D. courses.

University provides scholarship programs for those students who are eligible to get admission but donot have enough money to pay heavy duty fee. The other facilities that the universities provide to their students are

Hostel accommodation

As many students come from different areas to complete their education, almost all the universities provide the hostel accommodation for their students. The room environment is very much similar to the home environment and the student feels easy and can comfortably give time to the studies.


Each and every department in the university has its own library having the relevant literature. The student can easily take help from the library and there is no need to spend extra money for buying the expensive books.

High tech laboratories

The universities always care for the future of the students. So they facilitate students with high-tech laboratories that can help in doing practical and experiment on their subjects and in this way the student can properly understand the knowledge present in the book. These laboratories also help the students in their research work.

Both the college and university have their own importance. Although it is the myth about college students that pupil who does not get admission in university prefer college to continue the education but it is not true in all, cases. Some students prefer the college by choice but not by chance.

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