International Easter Youth Camp- Where Man Meets God


Every young man holds a dream and a destiny in his heart given by God. Everyone around the world does a thing or the other for pursuing their dreams. However, in our lives, the success and true fulfillment is a product of God’s word. The International Easter Youth Camp conducted by the Christ Embassy, is designed keeping you in mind for satisfying the hunger in your spirits for fulfilling your dreams and destiny.

International Easter Youth Camp – What is it all about?

The International Easter Youth Camp is devised by Pastor Chris of the Christ Embassy and arranged by the Healing School. It is planned with the intent of impacting the young crowd of between 13 to 21 years of age, all over the world, imparting them with the unique message of the gospel. The International Easter Youth Camp offers the chance to visit the Healing School when they have been changed into the ardent campaigners of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the involved youths. With many thrilling camp projects, and excursions and special forums, the young ones from different countries interact with each other, making a friendly bond and inspiring each other to do more. In the camp the youth are filled with the new enthusiasm to change their world with gospel and the crescendo of the youth camp includes the excellent teaching and impartations by Chris Oyakhilome, the man of God.

The International Easter Youth Camp

When can you be the part of the camp?

To attend the International Easter Youth Camp, a brainchild of the Christ Embassy, you need to first send an email to e-mail address or call on the numbers given at the website of global youth leaders’ forum. Install the application of the Healing School on mobile, click on register and find the suitable classifications. Then confirm your registration and you are ready to attend.

Not to worry about the money, it is absolutely free of cost

There is no registration fee for joining the camp hosted by the team of Christ Embassy. International Easter Youth Camp is free to attend. However, after the enrollment is confirmed, you need to make your own travel arrangements. After you have finalized your travel plans, you will need to send your itinerary to IEYC email so that they can schedule the needful plans for pickups and other logistics. If you are a minor, as your parents to communicate with IEYC office as you won’t be permitted to enter South Africa without an authorization letter signed by parents. Also, if you are travelling from outside, get a suitable visa.

Your schedules and itineraries at IEYC – The things you will get

The youth camp will be of eight days and the campers will be required to stay there for that period. The campers are expected to take parts in most of the activities; it also includes meetings, special sessions, sporting trips events, educational and cultural programs and interviews.

The International Easter Youth Fest guides you to the spiritual reality of your life, taking you closer to your dreams and destiny. You get to turn your life to a vision, God’s vision. One visit to the camp could change your life and thinking and bring you closer to God. Don’t miss the camp and enhance your chance to be a part of Christ Embassy.