Best Alternative Apps Like Showbox For Android and iOS

Similar Apps Like Showbox For Windows Phone: As we humans are evolving more and more and going to the future with even more advanced technology, we tend to use that same technology to entertain. After all, what is the use of that technology when it cannot serve the purpose of our entertainment. We tend to be becoming very busy in this busiest world. One of the means to get some relief is watching a movie or any serial in TV. But what if you want to see a movie that is out of the screens or a movie which you like from the past.

Those days, people used to use CDs and DVD players. But now nowhere people are using this kind of instruments  Really Cell phones and PC has taken this world over. Though it was used for talking to someone and for work purpose respectively, they are being used more than what they are actually for. For instance, you can watch all your loved movies, TV serials, TV shows on your smartphone provided you have a proper internet connection. Yes, there is an application that is most famous in this regard. It is Showbox. You can use this application in iOS and Android mobiles to see movies, TV Shows etc anytime, anywhere.

This is the most used application in the world. But recently this very application is facing many update problems. This application is not working in many of the devices across the world. As per the official announcement, this is due to the crash down of Showbox servers. At this point, the users are left with no other option to watch their favorite shows. But what if I tell you that there many more applications which work very similar to that of Showbox. Check here for Alternatives for Showbox for Andriod and iOS smartphones. Here I have given 10 such applications which work the same as Showbox. So go through this article to know everything about other apps like Showbox.

Alternatives Apps Like Showbox for Android and iOS :

1. Netflix: Netflix is next most famous to Showbox and does pretty much what Showbox does. One of the main plus points of this Netflix is that it works perfectly for both Android and iOS devices. You can download this application from Play store in Android and from the store for iOS devices. This is absolutely free to download to your mobile phones. With this application in your Android and iOS, you can very easily see many numbers of TV shows, your favorite movies, unlimited videos and other media. This just works fine and can be used as one of the alternatives for Showbox.

2. Box TV: Of late, this very application is trending one among the smartphone users. Though it came to use very lately, it has grabbed enough eyeballs and attention. This is because of the no bugs and no interruption while using this application. This application too works simply fine on both Android and iOS devices. You can download this application for free in your devices. One of the most amazing features that this application offers for its users is HD movie streaming, streaming videos to TV via Chrome-cast. There are much more such wonderful features with this application. Hence this is one of the best alternative apps like Showbox.

3. Sky HD: In this list, I have to mention this application. And without which this article is incomplete. This application as others is free to download on your smartphones. One of the biggest feature that this application is known for is its user-friendly interface. You can use this application for its unlimited collection of the number of TV shows, a number of HD movie collections. You will enjoy this application while you use this application for watching your favorite shows etc.