Facebook and Instagram have been on top of all the business platform in social media. but do you think that these two platforms are be-all and end-all for business? Think again.



Did you get it? Hello? Pinterest is also a social media platform for business. It’s been trending and has become a hot ticket for business marketing. Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet and the half-life of a pin is 1,6000x longer than a Facebook post. There are 53 million monthly Pinterest active users in the United States.


When it comes to marketing on Pinterest, marketers have no idea where to start from. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you start your business on Pinterest and how you can achieve your business on it.

  • Content Quality

Posting the same content multiple times can result in the decrease of reach and engagement. The quality of content really matters. If the quality of your content is comprehensive and creative, your followers will never miss out your post.

Posting a high-quality content means to post a content which has a link, image, and videos in it and try to ensure that the piece of content is of good quality.


  • Pin More Often

To increase Pinterest engagement, pin more often. It’s better to pin 10 times per day as it can surely increase your engagement 150 percent.

Before pinning, make a schedule. Scheduling ahead of time will make things easier for you. This will help you to discover and share a greater content with your Pinterest friends. This will lead to a consistent volume of content that you want to share in future.


  • Timings To Pin

The best time to post depends on your audiences schedule but you should know when to post. In general, according to Social Fresh, the best times to post are 2pm-4pm EST and 8pm-1am EST.

Moreover, according to Hub spot, Saturday morning is also the best time to post. Time of posting really matters as you might not want your audience to skip your post, so timing is really important.

  • Tag Other Users

The word tagging is heard on Facebook and Instagram. Tagging the ones who follow your profile will make pin more popular and exposed to a greater number of audience on the Pinterest.

Furthermore, your pins would have more likes, comments, and shares. This would increase the rate of following which will eventually lead to more engagement.



  • Promote Your Pinterest Page

the best way to promote your page is to share it on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Connect your Pinterest account on Facebook and Twitter. Share your post on Facebook with a redirect link that goes back to your pin.

Promoting will help you gain more followers on your page and the rate of reach will gradually increase.


  • Response To The Comments

Commenting back gives a good impression on the audience. Greeting each person by name and offering them a timely response, is noticed by users when a business engages in conversations.

You will be able to understand your users easily and you will know what their interests are.



  • Use A Call-To-Pin

Using a call-to-pin will increase your engagement with pins up to 80 percent. It will become easier for the user to communicate with you.

You will be able to respond them more effectively. Not only it increases engagement, it will allow your users to have access to you more effectively and they will share more of your pins with others


  • Check The Quality Of Images

Quality images are must on Pinterest as it is a visual marketing tool. If you not are a photographer and still want your pins to look great, then use iStock Photo which a great source for editing your images.

The image should of high quality, right dimensions, eye-catchy and most importantly, it represents your brand.


  • Run A Contest To Engage Users

Who doesnt love contest on social media?

You can arrange a contest on your Pinterest page and give away something that the audience have interest in it. Just tell them to follow these easy steps and they will be directly entered for the giveaway.

Trust me! Promotional giveaways will be the one of the best investment that you could make all year. It will drive traffic towards your Pinterest page.


  • Send Pins

Pinning, re-pinning, and likes aren’t enough on pins to drive more traffic to your Pinterest page. But also it has a “send” button at its top.

Just click that send button and send your pins to those who follow you back. It will gradually increase the rate engagement and your followers will able to send your pins to their friends as well. It will lead to more exposure to your brand on others’ profile or pages.


These tips will help you start your business on Pinterest in a positive manner.