How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks


Who doesn’t want to have smooth skin? It not only makesyou feel healthy, but also a lot more confident. Stretch marks, scientifically called Striaegravidarum, are a major concern among women and even men. Especially women who have given birth recently.

Most people will try numerous exercises that are said to help in the loss of stretch marks, all in the attempt to lose the ugly marks naturally. However, if your marks are mild, you will be glad to know that all those strenuous exercises are not really necessary.A good stretch mark cream will do the trick, that too, in a shorter period.

remove your stretch marks

Stretch marks do not discriminate and anyone can have these marks. They are a woman’s worst nightmare. They develop on the thighs, breasts, hips and buttocks. It is quite tempting to let yourself go during pregnancy and assume an air of not caring what you look like. However, the problem can escalate if you do nothing about it.

Even Celebrities have Stretch Marks

To be beautiful is expensive. If you wonder why those celebrities seem to be flawless, that is because they paid good money to achieve that look. Stretch marks are nature’s way of telling us that we cannot be perfect. Even celebrities have those. Like every woman, female celebrities give birth too! We also know male celebrities work out like crazy to get that sexy physique. In magazines, these celebrities have flawless skin. They get that for free, thanks to the lay-out artists who polish them up using photoshop and airbrushing.

Removing Stretch Marks with the use of Technology

Many people including medical experts are interested in finding new ways to get rid of stretch marks. There can be many causes. While in some instances the problem could be hereditary, in some, it could manifest as a result of the person being overweight.

One of the methods used to eliminate stretch marks is through surgery; however, there are other non-surgical ways to eliminate stretch marks. The main surgical methods of stretch mark removal include laser surgery, tummy tuck surgery and dermabrasion.

You can also get rid of those pesky scars with the use of technology. Stretch marks can be made less noticeable or better yet, totally eradicated. Although this comes with a heavy price tag, but as mentioned earlier, to be beautiful is expensive!Here are some of the latest technological surgeries you can turn to if you choose to remove your stretch marks.

Retin-A Treatment

Normally recommended by doctors. You need a prescription from your physician before you can purchase one at your drug store. It works best when the stretch marks still have the pink or reddish color. However, not all stretch marks start being of that shade. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, do not use Retin A to avoid side effects on the infant. If you experience a burning or peeling sensation on the parts where you applied it, this only means that the solution is working for you. The new generation of collagen is replacing the old damaged one. A couple of weeks later, you will see the results. The cost is how much your drug store sells the Retin-A for.

Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment

Here, chemical materials with micro-crystals are sprayed on your skin. This requires multiple sessions. Generally, it takes 10 to 12 sessions in a span of three to four months. However, micro-dermabrasion treatment is a painful process, often compared to being lashed or whipped. Not to mention, there is also a possibility you can acquire a new set of scars during the session. Side effects of the treatment are still being looked upon. A person who underwent the treatment is warned to not go directly under the sunlight after one session. The cost is $100 to $200 per session. If you have decided to go through it, make sure to have a couple thousand dollars set aside.

Laser Treatment

Laser or Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation has been used in eye surgeries and removal of tattoos. When it comes to surgeries, laser has been highly effective over the years.  It has successfully removed wrinkles, scars, acne, facial and body hair. The procedure may be painful and the person would experience bruising, scabbing and peeling sensations but it will be worth it.

Multiple sessions are required in the treatment. It costs $600 to $700 per session. Estimated 7 to 8 sessions are required to complete the whole eradication process. If you have decided to go through laser treatment, have $5 to $10 thousand dollars with you. The advantage of laser surgery compared to others is that it is the fastest and most effective way in treating stretch marks. Downside is that it does not guarantee certain results. Like all treatments, this does not work for everyone.


So think carefully whether you will resort to technology and spend thousands to remove your stretch marks. If you have cash to spare, go for it. If not, you can always resort to home remedies. Cocoa butter has been proven to help lighten the dark spots as long as you apply it diligently and religiously.

Maybe being beautiful does not have to be expensive. You just have to be patient.