The Role of Muslim Women in the Western World


Girls have been dominated by boys since the beginning of mankind. They simply lived to serve and obey man. The main function of women in the society was to bear children, take care of the home and be faithful and loyal to their husbands. They aren’t given equal place as men in the society. In modern countries girls are kept under complete male domination, these states such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Pakistan, and lots of African countries. For more statistics and examples on this, visit this blog.

Women in these countries are not invited to obtain higher education. They are not permitted to speak freely. They’re enforced to dress properly in line with the will of her husband or father. Most women in these states aren’t given the right to get involved in some activities like games, work, business etc. They are just regarded as glorified house keepers.

Until recently, in certain western countries women weren’t allowed to acquire higher education and get involved in many activities also, but today the situation differs. Western women have different political and legal rights that enable them to acquire higher education, in addition to, participate in as many activities as they want. The Western world offers complete freedom for women. Just like a man, she can participate in all activities.

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A great percentage of girls in the West are well educated. They have higher education degrees and play a key and significant role in the economic development of their country through business and government positions. The majority of the Western women, like men, are usually employed and earn a whole lot of money during their career.

As we all know, each coin has two sides. Besides its various benefits, feminism has left some damaging effects on these countries. Pregnancy before marriage and other characteristics are some of the factors in the breakdown of families in the West. Divorce rates are too high in these states. (Source: Happy Muslim Family)

Traditional intellectuals believe that the change of women’s role in the Western world, from being a caring mother to self identified and trained practitioner, has formed a communal disaster that’s carrying on to take its charge on the household. There are various points of view concerning the freedom of women in the western world. A few specialist, experienced and well educated liberal women in the west are quick to endorse the value of business and employment.

While the position of women in neo-liberal western society is well established and that of great importance, there ought to be some thought given to the true extent of their role in society, business and loved ones.