Some Common Myths In Using SEO Companies Perth


The very common usage of the term SEO has brought about its share of misinformation and disinformation in the industry and society at large.  Here an attempt is being made to dispel some of the common myths regarding the use of SEO companies Perth, which usually interferes with the normal working of people’s lives.

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Myth 1. Rank one is all that what counts with SEO companies Perth.

This could not be farther from the truth than anything else.  True higher ranking do mean a more suited match of search terms but the relative positioning of the result doesn’t always have an advantage.  The fifth placed result could get as much eyeball as the first or second placed result.  Thus it is rather a much hyped notion that getting first ranking is the end result.  Probably people cannot get any higher than the first position.

Myth 2. SEO can be attempted with no extra help. 

When a person starts to deal with subjects that are not exactly his domain expertise, it is only natural that someone that has the specific expertise is brought into play.  Thus being knowledgeable in SEO techniques does not make a person an expert in the field that is being covered.  Thus it is best left to the experts in parts of the work that doesn’t quite mix well with the work to offer their services.

Myth 3. Meta tags are important

Meta tags were introduced to meet certain needs of the industry. To claim that they are the ends to any application is a big mistake.  Meta tags do form a good way of bringing immediate attention to a particular website.  But to afford a greater importance than what is due of them is a big mistake. It must be certainly given its due but no more.

Meta tags serve the function of providing a brief introduction to a website on most occasions and a greater role must not be seen to them.

Myth 4. The content must be keyword rich.

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There exists a condition in the industry known as keyword stuffing where a lot more keywords are used and in a higher density than desired to bring forth optimum results.  This practice can lower the rating of a website and rather than have a positive effect can adversely affect a search result.  Ideally keyword must be used optimally.  It is experience that sets forth the amount of keywords that get to be used in any situation.

Myth 5. Submissions of websites are necessary for results.

This would have been true in the earlier days of websites when things were more static so to speak.  The present use of ‘crawlers’ that trawl the internet indexing the content and the occurrences on the web ensure that the practice of submitting websites to the search engines are a thing of the past.  Looking into the future, more dynamic tools that ensure a more dynamic situation would make things more hands free.  This only increases the role of the SEO specialists or consultants to a more prominent one.