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You are here because you to buy your virtual private server. Do you know what a VPS server is? How does a VPS server work? Is there a link between Web hosting and VPS?

If those question crossed your mind, then we have all the answers you need to know regarding Virtual Private Servers.

Get The Best VPS Servers In Pakistan

A VPS (Virtual Private Server), mostly those people who have their own business, use it. They use VPS for hosting their websites instead of Hosting a domain.

Why a VPS? People use VPS because it costs much less than hosting a domain. VPS is user-friendly and easy to configure according to your business needs.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about any loss of data on the way. Some websites are wiped away by Google on updates so to be completely secure VPS is the best option for your website hosting.

You will have a great time with high traffic. The VPS servers remove the limitation that is in simple web hosting, and this allows you to do whatever you want according to your needs. But, we still provide support if you ever need it.

Why Do You Need it?

If you have a growing business and are completely sure that your site will have a lot of traffic, then you need to be very careful about safety. VPS is a recommended safer option, and we firmly prefer it over shared hosting options.

Also, VPS is a great deal if you have more than one websites to host. Also, you will be able to set the setups to your liking, just the way you want it.

There must be a lot of companies offering VPS but are they too expensive, and you have your other doubts about them? Then you came to the right place; we offer the best VPS servers in Pakistan at cheap rates.

  1. First Package:

An excellent choice for beginners who don’t have a lot of loads but even if they do there is no stopping the VPS. Our package includes the following

  •    CPU Cores 1
  •    Ram 2GB DDR3
  •    HDD 10GB Raid
  •    Bandwidth 5000GB/5TB
  •    Cost Rx. 799/month
  1. Second Package:

  •    1 Core CPU per cPanel
  •    4GB DDR3 Ram
  •    20GB Raid
  •    5TB Bandwidth
  •    Cost Rs.2000/month
  1. Third Package:

This package is for professional owners. Now you can expand your business with any worries about speed, storage, and security.

The package includes the following.

  •    2 Cores CPU Per cPanel
  •    8Gb DDR3 Ram
  •    HDD- 40GB Raid
  •    Bandwidth 5TB
  •    Cost Rs.3500/month

4. Fourth Package

This package includes the maximum of everything of our services. The package has the following attributes.

  •    4 Cores if the CPU Per cPanel
  •    8GB of super-fast Ram
  •    100GB of Raid Storage
  •    5000GB of Bandwidth
  •    Cost Rs.5000/month

Some services provide VPS at about Rs. 30,000 also but we don’t see any point in that, our services for business owners are flawless and perfect. Unless you own a skyscraper for business, we don’t think there is any need for you to buy the $300 VPS.