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Actions that man exhibit for the sake of Allah are the acts of worship. It is also regarded as submission to Allah and his obeying his commands. All the Prophets who have passed were worshippers of Allah, they had believed in Allah’s commands and obeyed them with all pure intentions. We have an example of Ibrahim (AS) who was ready to sacrifice his son for the sake of Allah, because he trusted the wisdom of his Creator and knew that there will be something better coming for him. Worship is the way of thanking Allah for his blessings, people who don’t even care to spend last penny from their savings for the sake of Allah are the true worshippers. Acts of worships shows the obedience of humans towards his Creator. Opt for latest Umrah Packages including flights with Road to Makkah.

Allah has given us the proper way of life, in which sometimes we are tested and other times we are blessed. Everything that comes to us is the blessing of Allah, even the pain we that makes us stronger is also the blessing of Allah. Illness that wipes away our sins is another chance to start a life with new perspective. Remembrance of Allah softens your heart and helps us in building a better personality. Little acts of worships keeps one away from the sins, it keeps of conscience awake so that it can work as a reminder. The whole structure of human life is surrounded by the wisdom of worship. Managing your relationships or serving other fellows, both are the symbolic acts of worship. Anything done for the sake of Allah will be rewarded by Allah.

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