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There are some Network troubleshooting tools which are the basic need of an IT professional. Before started working in networking, it is crucial to acquire some tools that may be helpful to troubleshoot different networking problems.

Networking Troubleshooting Tools

Here we review the top ten important tools that will let you troubleshoot most networking problems.

1. Ping:

Ping is the most popular networking troubleshooting tool. This tool is used to give a primary networking test between the hosts. This is carried out by using the ICMP which can send signals to a host and a tool to listen for a response from this host. In Simple, if the requesting host receives a response from the destination host, this host is accessible. This application is normally used to provide a simple picture, where a networking problem may exist. For instance, if a web connection is down at a workplace, the ping application can be used to point out whether the problem exists within the workplace or within the network of the net provider.

2. IPconfig/IFconfig

Another important job that must be done while troubleshooting a networking problem, is to discover the precise IP configuration of the differently affected hosts. From time to time this fact is already recognized when addressing is configured statically, but when a dynamic addressing technique is used, the IP address of each host can possibly change often. Ipconfig application on windows system and ifconfig on Linux based systems are used for discovering the IP configuration detail.

3. Speed Test & Ping Test

This tool is used to determine the Internet bandwidth useable to a particular host and to determine the quality of a web connection. The use of the tools can be seen at the and websites. The site discovers the amount of bandwidth available to a particular host at a particular point in time; this is a very good tool to check how much time it is going to take to upload or download data from a local to a remote host. The website is used to determine the quality of the connection by examining the ping response times and jitter amounts over a short time. This information can be used to know a chance of how properly the measured connection will deal with various kinds of excessive demand traffic like Voice over IP (VoIP) or gaming. TL WN721N Driver

4. Route

Another one of the best tools covered here is the route application. This is used to show the present status of the routing table on a host. While the use of the route application is confined in usual situations where the host only has a single IP address with a single gateway, it is important in other situations where multiple IP address and multiple gateways are available.

5. NSlookup

The nslookup application can be used to discover the particular IP addresses linked with a domain name. If this tool is unable to resolve this issue, it will be a DNS problem. Besides only simple lookup, the nslookup tool is able to determine an issue with the default DNS servers configured on a host.

Final Thoughts:

As with any activity, various tools that are quickly available can significantly control the time that it takes to finish a job. When troubleshooting a networking problem, the amount of time that it takes to discover and resolve a problem at once wasted costs that it causes to any system relying on the network.