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Most of the gun range ear protection features are derived by subjecting the protective devices to real time situations and conditions. This method is said to produce reliable results. They are used to enhance the quality parameters from the design to the manufacturing stages. The probable negative effects of exposure to gunfire shots are also considered for shaping the design parameters. Some of those parameters are hearing loss, ringing effect, loss of motor balance, stress development and others.

Quality Parameters of Gun Range Ear Protection

Designing of hearing protection devices needs to consider the harmful negative effects of impulsive noise due to gunshots in the long run. One such effect is the acoustic trauma which happens due to direct effects of noise on the auditory canal.

  • Causative Analysis of this effect leads to entry of high pitch noise through the rear end and upper part of the ear. The design of protective design should be able to cover this region effectively. At this stage the choice comes to ear plugs, ear muffs other forms of internal protection. Tests are conducted by keeping the effective value of Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) in perspective. Practical experiments have shown that maximum gun range ear protection can be provided with devices which cover the rear and of the ear as well as the upper portions from over the head design pattern. The research teams at the ClearArmor laboratories have come up with the most recommended protection mechanism for filtering out noise levels.
  • The peaks of noise shock waves can be determined by their net effects on the human ear and brain. To ascertain this, the experts consider time interval between two successive gunshots. This value is varied over many experiments to validate the quality parameters of the protective devices. The devices which provide maximum shielding effects under peaks of extreme noise levels are rated for top performance.

NRR for Gun Range Ear Protection

According to ANSI standards the NRR values from 0DB to 33DB is considered for determining the quality of the protective device. Calculations are made dynamically under varying environmental conditions.

  • The octave band frequency of the noise is increased from 125HZ to 8000HZ and above. In some instances the devices are exposed to impulsive noise shocks whose value exceeds 165DB. The net result of the NRR is determined by the protection and comfort levels offered by the devices.
  • The range of calculations at the laboratory conditions and real life conditions may vary. Hence the qualitative NRR for gun range ear protection is taken under real time conditions. Once the final set of safety parameters are evaluated and determined, they are used for the design and development of protection devices.

As a user you might come across many brands and models of ear protection devices while searching online. ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Ear Muffs belong to the top class of protection devices. They are tested under variable environment conditions for maximum value of gun range ear protection in all aspects of safety and user comfort.