Holy Cross Cottingham

This site is for all who are interested in our church, Church of the Holy Cross (or ‘Holy Cross’ for short), in Cottingham.

It’s a Catholic church in a leafy residential area, not far from Hull University.

The church is a friendly and supportive community, with a friendly and supportive parish priest, Father Pat Day, and visitors are made very welcome.

baptism preparation
There is a document to assist parents in preparing their child for baptism. You can download a Word or PDF version from the downloads page.

online newsletters
You can read the newsletter online.

We used to encourage direct comments on the newsletter (by means of clicking on a ‘comment’ link after each newsletter article), but unfortunately have been hit by the scourge of ‘comment spam’. This is when spammers make comments that are totally unrelated to the newsletter in order to include a link to their own site and thus boost their own ranking in search engines. As a result, we have been forced to suspend direct comments. Please accept our apologies. I’m sure you understand.

Naturally, all genuine comments on both the newsletter and this site are still very welcome. Please use the feedback form.
The most recent newsletters are for:

Sunday, 2nd October, 2005 (added 01/10/05)
Sunday, 9th October, 2005 (added 08/10/05)
Sunday, 16th October, 2005 (added 24/10/05)
Sunday, 23rd October, 2005 (added 24/10/05)
Sunday, 30th October, 2005 (added 30/10/05)
Sunday, 6th November, 2005 (added 09/11/05)


Please note:

You can download Father Pat’s original newsletter files. Occasionally, John McNicholas kindly stands in as newsletter creator when Father Pat is otherwise engaged. His newsletters are also available from the downloads page.

You can use the downloaded Word documents or PDF files to print each weekly newsletter on just one or two paper pages.

If you print the newsletter directly from the webpage, on the other hand, you’ll find it’s usually somewhere between 6 and 12 paper pages, and nowhere near as nicely, or efficiently, formatted.

Newsletters since November 2002 are available as PDF files (so you don’t need Word) and you can view and print them using Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader. They take longer to download than the Word documents, but you get a whole newsletter in a single file which makes printing very easy (if you really feel the need to use paper!). Earlier newsletters, as PDFs, are available on request.