The church is open all day from dawn till dusk. Tea and coffee are served after the 10.00 a.m. Mass on Sunday.
Today’s Gospel: The Winner takes nothing: If it were nowadays, the Caprine (Goat) federation would probably take a case against Jesus for stereotypical profiling (discrimination) in this Sunday’s Gospel. Why should they be compared unfavourably to their Ovine (Sheep) counterparts. A baaaaaad mistake? But seriously, whatever about sheep or goats, many people instinctively have a sneaking regard for a different species – the underdog. Take sports for instance. When our team isn’t involved, we inevitably tend to root for the team without the big names or money behind them. It’s nice to know that Jesus encourages a similar spirit and attitude in each of us. we are invited to live out in very practical ways the commandments to love God and neighbour. The most noxious lifestyle of all is when compassionate words come from a care-less heart. The world is too small now for ‘us’ and ‘them’. There is only ‘we’. We are bound together. We will either learn that or we will die as those who fail to learn that we share a common destiny. The consequences are pretty big. Also separating sheep and goats is God’s business not ours. We are not to make distinctions. In this ‘winner takes all’ and ‘weakest link’ kind of world – the basic test of any society is how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members. As another Liturgical Year ends today, time for an honest review of how we’re doing.

A Celebration for Youth Sunday: This will take place at St. Vincent’s this afternoon (Sunday) starting at 3.00 p.m. and finishing at 6.30 p.m. There will be a ‘different’ service in the church followed by a social in the club. The age group is 11 years old and upwards. Parents are welcome to pop in and see what’s going on.

CWL News: Elizabeth will be making our Annual Appeal next weekend for “Zoe’s Place” a Hospice for Children in Middlesbrough. We are also having a Christmas Social for ALL the ladies of the parish on Monday December 12th at 7.30 p.m. in The Garden Room. I go each year ( I let my hair down!) and it’s always the best of fun with all sorts of games etc.

Craft Stall: This will be the last week for it before Christmas. Have a look, you just might find that something you’re looking for! If you have left anything and it hasn’t been sold, please take it home with you. Thanks for your support, especially to the donors and buyers. Jan Woodmansey (845496)

More humour from Les Ulyatt: ‘You know when you’re growing old.’
1. When you feel like the night before and you haven’t been anywhere.
2. Your back goes out more than you do.
3. When you sink your teeth into a juicy steak – and they stay there.
4. When you sit in a rocking chair and you can’t get it going.
5. When the gleam in your eye is the sun on your bi-focals.
6. When you switch off the bedroom light for economic reasons rather than romantic ones.
The Voice of Experience, Les?

Anita Marshall, a parishioner who has been quite ill for a long time, sent me this via Jim who brings her Holy Communion each Sunday. It’s called “After the Rain.”
Whatever your cross, whatever your pain,
There will always be sunshine after the rain.
Perhaps you may stumble, perhaps even fall,
But God’s always ready to answer your call.
He knows every heartache, sees every tear,
A word from his lips can calm every fear.
Your sorrows may linger throughout the night,
But suddenly vanish at dawn’s early light.
The Saviour is waiting somewhere above,
To give you his grace and send you his love.
Whatever your cross, whatever your pain,
God always sends rainbows after the rain.
Remembrance Weekend: Thank you to everyone who got involved, either wearing your medals, bringing things along and who’ll forget those lovely little boots made by Albert for his love during the First World War? It was the first time they’ve been seen in public! And thanks also to Ron and Basil for explaining their medals to the younger parishioners on Sunday. And also Peter Watts for arranging The Last Post and Reveille music. It was nice of some people to say that they found the whole service quite moving. That made it worthwhile! And finally, who could forget Megan Rawcliffe’s rendition of ‘The Green Fields of France’? Thank you, Caroline, for accompanying her!

Cemetery Visit last Sunday: A goodly gathering of parishioners met at 3.00 p.m. on a chilly afternoon for a very moving ‘Blessing of the Graves’ service, ending as usual at the grave of Fr. McEntegart. Eithne is going to try and find out some more details of him and hopefully his surviving family back in Ireland. It would be lovely to get in touch with them and let them see his new headstone and how we remember him still even though he died back in 1957, so far from his family and home.

Elsie’s Birthday: After the cemetery visit Jean, Barbara and myself paid a surprise visit to Elsie for her 92nd Birthday. We had of course phoned her during the morning Mass and sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. That she appreciated very much! She had gone out for lunch and then spent the rest of the day entertaining her various guests! She is so happy there and it shows. Everyone there loves her so much, but we all know why. Thanks for the chocolate cake, Elsie, it was lovely!

The Hull Savoyards: Good to see a photo of the church and last week’s concert in The Mail last Monday. Quote: “The group’s performance of ‘Trial by Jury’ at Holy Cross, Cottingham, last week was a great success with a considerable amount raised for charity.” If you supported it, thank you!

With Hearts and Minds – Home Groups: Peter O’Reilly writes: “This is a parish resource to help with our participation in the Mass. It was prepared by the English Bishops’ Conference for use in our churches. At a recent meeting in the presbytery, where about twenty parishioners came along, it was agreed that we should implement this programme in Holy Cross in small home-based groups in different parts of the parish. This is an approach that has worked well in other parishes, and is particularly recommended by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor in his introduction to the programme. There will be six sessions, and it is planned to start in the third week of January and finish by early March. The ‘local’ groups should consist of 6 – 10 (max. 12) people, and each group can decide when is the best day and time for them to meet. To help with planning the groups we would be grateful if you could fill in one of the cards and post it in the box in the church porch. We would be particularly grateful if you could volunteer to host one of the groups – this will not involve any commitment to lead the group’s discussions. IT is appreciated that there will need to be groups outside Cottingham for those parishioners who come from e.g. Willerby, Beverley, Hessle or Swanland. If you cannot make the preferred time chosen by your local group, it should be possible to join another group which is meeting at a more convenient time for you. We need to have the cards returned no later than Sunday December 4th. If you need further information, or have any queries, please speak to us after Mass or give us a ring.”
Chris Pike (841593), Helen Rhodes (633138) Peter O’Reilly (845459)

Congratulations to Hazel and Tony Corcoran on becoming Grandparents for the third time! After two boys, a girl at last! And I quote Tony! Sarah gave birth to a baby girl, Laura, last Tuesday, a sister to Ewan. Congratulations also to dad Stuart.

Linda Gillard asks me to pass on her thanks to all who sponsored her for the Daisy Appeak Sponsored Swim and the Dove House 5k Run.

Rest in Peace: I just learned on Friday of the death of parishioner Fred Hodgson in Spain on October 18th. Fred, aged 78, had been holidaying there. We hope to have his Requiem Mass here at Holy Cross on Friday at 11.00 a.m. but please check the press for the final arrangements. Fred lived alone in Cave Crescent in the village. He is survived by his brother Terry who lives in Leeds. Fr. John O’Gara has offered to take the funeral as I will be away. If you have any stories or details he might like to know then I’m sure he’s be glad to hear from you. His telephone number is 342519. May he rest in peace. Amen

The Church Floor and the Woodworm: Sadly we are not covered by insurance so pray that it will not be too serious! The firm intend to begin the work on Monday December 5th so possibly the church will be out of action for that week. Let’s hope it doesn’t run over into the following week! Masses will probably be in the Garden Room during the week.

Parish Prayer Circle: The CWL Appeal this coming weekend is for “Zoe’s Place” , a Hospice for very sick children in Middlesbrough. We remember in our prayers all sick children and their parents and those who care for them. We also remember Martin House Hospice and their work, as many of you support what they are doing for terminally ill young people.

Tony and Shirley who organise the Prayer Circle write: “Do you know that we take requests for prayer? If you are concerned for someone (facing an operation, lost job etc.) ask the person if they would like prayer, then give us a first name and brief request and the Prayer Circle will pray for that need. We had some heartening ‘feed-back’ recently. Little Zara whom we prayed for some weeks ago is now fine and has been given a very positive health report, and Paul (with cancer) is making good progress and his wife attributes this to the prayers of the Circle. Do please keep on praying for his complete recovery. Obviously your prayer support means a lot to this man and his wife.” Tony and Shirley can be contacted on 842285.

The Rainbows Programme for bereaved children: Chris Clarke and the parish team are willing to run this course after Christmas if needed. Her phone number is 844128.

Church Ministries: In the ‘good old days’ the priest did everything. Happily today that has changed. We have readers for each of the readings, not just one doing all. We have Eucharistic Ministers, Welcomers, Servers to name but a few. At any one service you should only be practising one of the above ministries, not several. So please allow others their rightful ministry, whether during the week or on a weekend.

Church Lights: I returned from London at 11.30 p.m. on Thursday night to find the church lit up like Blackpool illuminations! Remember that famous Rugby Final a few years ago and the sign near the Humber Bridge (if it was there at the time). Can the last one out please turn off the lights?

Newsletters from Abroad: It’s always nice when parishioners bring me back newsletters from churches they have visited whilst on holiday. Can I thank Diana for the one from the Holy Land – only one problem, I don’t speak Aramaic! But it looked lovely. The only bit I figured out was the date – 6/11/2005 !

Vincentian Volunteers: There are three ‘new’ ones here in Hull helping out at St. Stephen’s and the Drop-in Centre at St. Charles amongst other things and they are looking for a couple of bicycles. They are from France, Syria and the USA. Maybe you have one in the garage doing nothing?

Congratulations to Mr. Andy Turner, parishioner and Head of R.E. at St. Mary’s College. He celebrated his **rd Birthday last Thursday. A clue – it was the age of Jesus when he died!

Congratulations also to Caroline Rawcliffe who passed her driving test last week! Is it safe now to get the car out once again?

Masses next weekend: On Saturday evening we welcome Canon Michael Loughlin, the Diocesan Episcopal Vicar for the Southern end of the diocese. He hasn’t been here before and has just recently moved into St. Charles parish. On Sunday morning we will have the return of an ‘old’ friend, Fr. Michael O’Connor. I know that you will give them both a great ‘Holy Cross’ welcome. They get an easy weekend – there is a Pastoral Letter from Bishop John to be read!

Mass on the Radio: Every Sunday morning at 10.00 a.m. if you tune in to Long Wave 252 or Medium Wave 567, or if you have satellite tune in to Channel 910 or 892. It is a Radio Eireann broadcast Mass.

Garden Room Bookings must be made through Jan Woodmansey on 446369. This is to avoid any double bookings and embarasssment.

Prayer and Praise Evening: This monthly event will take place this coming Friday at the Endsleigh Centre from 7.30 – 9.00 p.m. More details from Chris Pike on 841593.

Hull Prison: Tony and Shirley work there and are always looking for copies of “Good News Bibles” and any “Dalesman” magazines. You can leave them in the porch.

St. Mary’s College are looking for invigilators for their Public Exams. The pay is £6 an hour (more than I get!) and no experience is needed. For more details contact the College on 808803 or 851136.
Thursday December 1st. Two Carol Concerts! There will be the annual Rotary Carol Concert which I compere, this year at St. Anthony’s, from 7 – 9 p.m. The other one will be at St. Mary’s College and it will be a Christmas Concert with all sorts of Christmassy items! More details of times etc. later. So make your choice! Both will be excellent!

Anniversaries this coming week:
Saturday – Alfred Stock (Martin Woods grandfather), Alfred Shipley (Mary Pidd’s father) and Walter Cross (Jan Woodmansey’s father).
Sunday – Ivy Beavers (Agnes Spaven’s sister).
Monday – Edward Parker (Ray’s father), Joseph Bell and David Frank .
Tuesday – Patrick Day (Fr. Pat’s uncle died as a child in 1923), Brenda Parker (Ray’s sister), Albert Nixon (Jean Rowland’s husband), Liz Woods-McConville (Shirley and Tony’s daughter) and John Baker (Sheila Cundy’s father).
Friday – Mary Ann White (M&A; Haughey’s grandmother).
Saturday – Ray Cresswell (Elaine Coggin’s father) and Philip Norton (Jim’s brother).
Sunday – William Parker (Ray’s grandfather) and Robert Graves (Pat Brennan’s grandfather).

Mass Intentions this weekend:
Saturday – 6.30 – Ann Stead (A)
Sunday – 10.00 – Stella Wiles (A)

Rev. Ian Paisley: Spotted on a quiet afternoon at the SPCK bookshop in Westminster: the Revd. Ian Paisley in search of a ‘document on Sacred Scripture’ recently produced by the Vatican. The cashier duly produced a publication from the Catholic Truth Society which seemed to satisfy the good reverend. It is a fair bet that the book in question was a copy of “The Gift of Scripture”, produced jointly by the Catholic Bishops of England, Wales and Scotland and published by the CTS last month. As to why Dr. Paisley should want such a document we can only guess that he may have been inspired by the bishops’ ecumenical approach to biblical scholarship.
P.S. I have ordered copies of the book for everyone in the parish and we will give them out in the next few weeks as an aid to getting ready for the great feast of the Nativity.

“Our Big Brother” – An appreciation of Paul Wood by his brothers:
We feel cheated he has been taken, we feel cheated we weren’t there, we feel cheated we couldn’t help him. He was there when Dad died suddenly. He could not replace him, nobody could, and nobody can replace Paul. He was and is unique.

If we needed advice he was there in person, on the end of a phone or we could always write.

His advice was forthcoming, some good, some not so good and some we really didn’t want to hear, but it was always given with thought and love and usually preceded with “what you want to do is…”

He was easy to get on with. It was easy to make him laugh, but he had a serious side when it was required. We were all looking forward to him coming home but not in this way. He will be greatly missed.

Most of all, he was our big brother.
John, Martin and Anthony.

Posted by Father Pat at 12:00 AM