Sunday 27 November 2005 First Sunday of Advent

Advent means coming and the season reminds us of the three comings of the Lord: the coming of Jesus over 2000 years ago, the coming in glory at the end of time when God’s dream for humankind will be realised and the coming in mystery in the happenings of daily life. We wait not mournfully but in joyful hope for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Parishioners will be sorry to hear of the death last Monday of our friend Elsie Murphy, whose 92nd birthday we celebrated very recently. Her Requiem Mass will be here at Holy Cross on Monday next at 11 am and will be said by Father Tony Storey. The Mass will be followed by a cremation, which is for the family only. It was Elsie’s wish that if anyone would like to make a donation at the funeral the proceeds would go to Holy Cross church.
On behalf of us all, her good friend Jean Longhorn has written the following:
“Elsie will be missed by many people. She had an easy way of making friends, who will remember her many kindnesses, her generosity and her sense of humour. She had a great zest for life and an ability to adjust to situations and be happy. She remained contented in her retirement home and was always eager to know what was going on at Holy Cross.
Her friends at church are sad to lose her but we can celebrate her life with gratitude and love, remembering how she touched our lives. Goodbye, Elsie. Rest in peace.”

Services this week
Mon Nov 28 11am Requiem Mass
Tues Nov 29 7 pm Communion Service
Wed Nov 30 The feast of St Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland
9 am Mass Jim Gardham OBE
Thurs Dec 1 9 am Mass Andrea Gardham’s family in Holland
Fri Dec 2 9 am Mass Katie Neil RIP
Sat Dec 3 9 am Mass James and Elizabeth Rodgers (A)
6.30 pm Mass Margaret Gallagher
Sun Dec 4 10 pm Mass Thomas and Doris Hirst

As previously announced, the annual Catholic Women’s League appeal will be made by Elizabeth at both Masses this weekend. It is in aid of “Zoe’s Place”, the Middlesbrough children’s hospice.

Sat 26th: Philip Norton (Jim’s brother);
Sun 27th: William Parker (Ray’s grandfather), Pat Brennan (Dermot’s grandfather);
Mon 28th: Mary Gilson;
Wed 30th: Daniel McDonald (Sheila Levett’s grandfather), Sarah McDonald (Sheila’s grandmother), Dymphna Margaret Graham (Eithne Codd’s sister);
Thurs 1st: Mary Ann Maguire (Eithne’s mother), Maurice Berry (Geoff Land’s uncle), Dominick Michael Brown;
Fri 2nd: Leonard Lover (Hazel Corcoran’s uncle):
Sat 3rd: James Rodgers (Elizabeth’s father), Laura Thomson;
Sun 4th: Michael Rozenbroek (Donor of the bell).

Prayer Circle intention for Friday, Dec 2nd: We pray that the initiative for house groups in the parish will be well supported and very fruitful.

Please remember to return the completed “Hearts and Minds” house group cards by Sunday Dec 4th at the latest.

Vegetarian “Curry Night”: fund-raising supper for St Mary’s Children’s Home, Bo, Sierra Leone at Annie’s house:
6 Broad Lane Close, Canongate on Thursday, 1st December at 7 pm.
Phone Annie (876955) for further details.

Zion and Newland United Reformed Church, Hallgate – visit of the Barton on Humber Salvation Army Band and Songsters on Saturday 3rd December at 7.15 pm. Adults £2.50, children £1; proceeds to Present Aid.

Parish Council meeting – Monday 5th December at 7.45 in the presbytery.

St Mary’s College Christmas Concert is on Thursday 1st December at 7.30; tickets £2 from the school.

For our Indian parishioners: 1. There will be a meeting for all Indian Catholics on Sunday, 27th November at the Boulevard Village Hall, next to St Wilfrid’s on the Boulevard at 3 pm. Father Massie will be speaking.
2. Father Matthew Thekkel, an Indian priest staying in the Wst Hull parishes over
Christmas and the New Year, will be hearing confessions (in Malayalem and English) at St Wilfrid’s on Friday 23rd December from 7 to 8 pm and Saturday 24th December from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm. He will also be giving a short spiritual ‘retreat’ for members of the Indian Community on the evenings of the 26th, 27th and 28th of December at St Wilfrid’s church, 7 to 9 pm, to include Mass.

There will be a Sale of nearly-new clothes in the Garden Room after the Saturday evening and Sunday Masses next weekend, 3rd and 4th of December. The proceeds are in aid of the generator fund. Further details from Rosaria (847196).

From Sister Catherine: Lectio Divina – the Divine Word A time to ponder on the Word of God during Advent at the Endsleigh Centre; 1.30 to 3 pm, Wednesdays – November 30th, December 7th, 14th and 21st.

A 14” colour TV is available gratis to anyone who has need of it. Enquiries to Arthur Burgan (845902).

The Rotary Club of Holderness is presenting a Community Carol Concert at St Anthony’s Church on Thursday next, starting at 7 pm. It features the Hull East Salvation Army Band, the Cottingham Singers and Endsleigh Holy Child Primary School Choir.

SVP matters: 1. The Hull and District Council of the St Vincent de Paul Society produces and distributes tapes for the blind. Due to illness, the society needs an extra volunteer to help with the organisation of producing these tapes. If anyone feels they can help or would like more information, please contact Chris Cuthill, Hull SVP President (472229).

2. SVP National Raffle Prize Winners
1. Renault Clio J. McLoughlin Stretford, Manchester
2. Wide screen TV Mrs S.M. Walton Chorley, Lancashire
3. Digital radio Mrs Hayhurst Southport, Lancashire
4. Dyson vacuum Paul Cullen Wirral, Merseyside
5. Dyson vacuum Peter Coleman Driffield, East Riding
6. Family ticket to London Eye Mrs N. Mellen Alnwick, Northumberland
7. Family ticket to Metro Radio Arena, Tyneside Mrs C. Kronfli Maidenhead, Berkshire
8. Guided tour of Lowry Centre, Salford Mr M. Clarke Catford, London
9. £50 Mrs L Marr St Helens, Merseyside
10. £50 Mrs Yeates Downe, Kent
11. £50 Mary Owen Rhyl
12. £50 Harry Dunne Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham
{We have complained bitterly in past years that all the prizes seem to go south, mostly to Kent and Surrey. Can’t complain this time – 8 out 12 coming north, including the top six and one them is local ! }

To end with, here are some mixed advisory quotations:
Always remember you’re unique – just like everyone else.
Generally speaking, you aren’t learning much when your lips are moving.
Never test the depth of the water with both feet.
If you think nobody cares whether you’re alive or dead, try missing a couple of mortgage payments.
If at first you don’t succeed, sky-diving is not for you.
If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.
The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your wallet.
A closed mouth gathers no foot.
There are two theories about arguing with women. Neither of them work.